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Andrew Feinberg, CEO & Chairman of Netcracker and BostonGene delivered the panel opening keynote titled “Harnessing the Power of AI” on Day 1 of the 17th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit at the Le Meridien in Dubai.

The Advantages of AI

Feinberg discussed the remarkable advantages of artificial intelligence and generative AI, emphasizing how Netcracker and BostonGene, both AI-focused software companies, are harnessing these technologies across diverse sectors. Their applications extend beyond medicine and telecommunications to include various industries, showcasing the broad scope and transformative potential of AI in addressing challenges and driving innovation.

He provided a comprehensive overview of BostonGene's groundbreaking AI-based molecular and immune profiling technology, highlighting its significant contributions to addressing the complexities of cancer treatment. Through the application of advanced AI, BostonGene is pioneering new approaches that mark a significant advancement in understanding and treating the intricate challenges posed by cancer.

“Traditionally, when we think about cancer, we think about DNA, but that is just a sliver of understanding that we have of this incredibly complex disease. Our products provide a much broader and accurate understanding of a patient’s condition by creating detailed versions of molecular profile computation at both biological and immunological levels,” he said.

"Our slogan, 'treat the patient, not the disease,' has transcended mere marketing rhetoric," he emphasized. This statement underscores a profound shift in perspective, emphasizing a holistic and patient-centric approach rather than focusing solely on the disease itself.

Netcracker’s Role in Business Growth

He also presented the operations of Netcracker – the global telecom arm of NEC, which has become instrumental in enabling the telco to techco transformation journey. He pointed out Netcracker’s role in business growth by helping telcos to monetize networks with innovative business models, enhanced customer engagement and expanding value in verticals beyond telecom offerings. In business efficiency, he said Netcracker supported increasing network agility, efficiency and security, improving internal digitalization skills and optimizing IT and operational costs. 

He elaborated on Netcracker's analytics-driven applications across various domains, including AIOps, customer care, sales and customer engagement, business operations, revenue assurance, and network management & operations. This diverse range of use cases highlights the extensive application of analytics within Netcracker, showcasing its relevance and effectiveness in optimizing different facets of the company's operations.

Tangible Business Benefits

He highlighted the tangible business benefits derived from AI, including a 50% reduction in human-services contacts, a notable 15 to 20% increase in sales productivity, a significant 36% acceleration in skilled personnel response times, a substantial 35% decrease in the risk of incidents, and a remarkable 60% reduction in network performance problems. These statistics underscore the transformative impact of AI across various dimensions, showcasing its effectiveness in enhancing efficiency and mitigating risks in different operational aspects.

He emphasized the formidable synergy between the two companies, boasting a collective experience of 30 years in the telecommunications industry. With a substantial customer base exceeding 250 globally, an impressive portfolio of over 150 patents, and expertise extending to 20,000 gene expressions, their collaboration underscores a wealth of knowledge and a track record of innovation that positions them as leaders in their respective fields.

AI’s Profound Potential

In his closing note, he said that AI was an “incredibly powerful tool that we will learn how to leverage better and better over time… It is something that needs to be done right and responsibly.”

In his concluding remarks, he emphasized the profound potential of AI as an immensely powerful tool that will be increasingly refined and harnessed over time. Acknowledging its transformative capabilities, he underscored the importance of approaching AI implementation with a commitment to ethical practices and responsible use, highlighting the need to wield this formidable tool conscientiously to ensure its positive impact on society. This forward-looking perspective reflects a recognition of both the immense possibilities and the ethical considerations that accompany the continued evolution of artificial intelligence.

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