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Are you ready to ride the next big technological wave? Step into the future with Telecom Review’s dynamic webinar covering Generative AI (GenAI) on July 9, 2024 at 3:00 PM (Dubai time).

In 2024, GenAI is revolutionizing the way in which organizations and individuals think, create, and innovate. In this virtual panel, we will explore GenAI’s impact across various sectors, particularly focusing on telecom, and discover practical ways to integrate this technology into operations and business strategies. Our panel of experts will share valuable insights and real-world examples, illustrating how to harness the power of GenAI.


  • Abhay Savargaonkar, Vice President and Head of Technology, Cloud & Network Services, Nokia
  • Alaa Ibrahim, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Umniah
  • Rikard Kjellberg, Chief Product Officer (CPO), B-Yond
  • Ayman S AlFadhel, VP of Cybersecurity, Salam
  • Mushfig Aliyev, Chief Commercial Officer, Azerconnect Group

The webinar will kickstart with a welcome note from Toni Eid, Founder of Telecom Review Group and CEO of Trace Media International and an introduction to Hamza Jadouane, Manager at the Datalab of PMP Strategy, who will serve as the session’s moderator.

The topics to be discussed are the following:

  • State of Generative AI: Current trends and advancements
  • Real-world applications of GenAI across various industries
  • Solutions and best practices for implementing GenAI
  • Navigating regulatory challenges related to AI and data protection
  • Telecom and GenAI: Case studies of AI-driven processes and network modernization
  • Enhancing cybersecurity using GenAI
  • Predictions for the future of GenAI

Be part of the conversation and ride the wave of endless possibilities! Save your spot by completing the registration here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_tnReSpT7TfSsWmTKof_FvQ#/registration

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