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In a first by any telecom service provider in the Sultanate, Omantel has announced the launch of 5G services for mobile devices that aims to give mobile customers further value and speed for their money by harnessing the potential of the path-breaking communications technology.

Omantel had rolled out its 5G services for fixed Home Broadband in December 2019 and now, its mobile customers too can avail services through their 5G enabled mobile devices or 5G router with more speed and efficiency.

Oman’s telecom services market has witnessed significant changes over the past years, fuelled by a growth in demand, the thrust towards digital transformation, and evolving user behaviour.

The roadmap for launching 5G for mobile had been in place even before late 2019 when 5G services were introduced for Home Broadband in certain areas. Backed by this solid 5G infrastructure and buoyed by the great customer response, Omantel has now brought 5G for mobile to revolutionise Oman’s ICT sector as the technology is an enabler for speed, efficiency, and innovation.

The company has been working continuously to make this technology available to as many members of the population as possible by expanding 5G service coverage.

As 5G reaches more and more customers – be it individuals or enterprises - Oman will be further propelled towards its digital transformation goals that have been enabled by smart solutions and innovative services delivered faster, thanks to the power of 5G and Omantel’s proactive and futuristic approach.

Commenting on the launch, Talal Said Al Mamari, Chief Executive Officer of Omantel said, “Needless to say 5G is the latest communications technology that provides high-speed Internet connection with low latency than any previous technology. Today’s launch of 5G for mobile is yet another remarkable achievement by Omantel. Itis a testimony to the company’s service quality which has resulted in a steady growth in customer numbers.”

Al Mamari added, “We are proud to be the first telecom operator in the Sultanate to commercially launch the 5G network at the end of 2019. Today, we are pleased once again to be the first to launch 5G for mobile, which will open new horizons for the mobile telecommunications sector and will heavily contribute towards supporting growth and digital transformation efforts across different sectors, by facilitating the adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies i.e. smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence.’’

Omantel has continued to remain a dominant player in Oman’s ICT sector, staying ahead of the game through foresight and investments in the necessary infrastructure. The launch is the latest in a series of achievements by Omantel in bringing the future technologies and further solidifying Oman’s image as the region’s ICT gateway. It is worth noting that Omantel’s mobile network has been recently rated as the fastest in Oman by Ookla, an online platform dedicated to measuring the performance of broadband networks around the world. This achievement is apart from the acknowledged excellence Omantel has shown through innovative technologies and smart solutions.

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