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Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading provider of ICT, is now an official channel partner for providing the Huawei IdeaHub to businesses across multiple sectors, with the goal of transforming remote working.

Huawei’s latest state-of-the-art smart board is a new device designed to revolutionize working from home and off-site. The IdeaHub comes equipped with an Android-based operating system, intelligent handwriting recognition, 4K screen & camera, UHD projection and video conferencing that supports all web conferencing applications, including WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Ooredoo will offer the device through an exclusive introductory offer, making IdeaHubs (available in 65" and 85” versions) accessible on a lease-to-own basis.

Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad bin Nasser al-Thani, chief commercial officer at Ooredoo, said, “We anticipate huge demand for these products in Qatar, especially given the experiences of the past 18 months, so we aim to offer all our B2B customers this device. Partnering with Huawei in this way is an opportunity to further transform the process of remote working across many types of enterprise, keeping employees connected as clearly as possible while minimizing such problems as trails of cables with the IdeaHub’s sleek and efficient design.”

Zhao Liang, CEO, Huawei Gulf North, said, “Collaborative smart ecosystems are essential in a modern, connected office. The Huawei IdeaHub leverages cloud and AI capabilities to deliver a seamless, user-centric experience, designed to redefine a new style of collaboration and communication to enhance the way teams work and connect together, especially during remote working and learning. This is a key component of our new 1+3+X strategy, which will guide Huawei’s innovation in the years to come as we seek to deliver superior products to our customers, enabling offices across Qatar to take full advantage of our increasingly digital world.”

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