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Inspired by the vision of the UAE leadership and their continuous support to the telecom sector, Etisalat is delivering world-class networks and innovative services.

With Etisalat’s success in deploying 5G as well as taking the global lead in fiber penetration, it ensured that its networks are future-ready for the next generation of mobile networks and technologies.

Buoyed by the supportive environment in the UAE and keeping in line with Etisalat’s strategy to ‘Drive the digital future to empower societies’, Etisalat has consistently pushed boundaries to create the leading networks across our markets and deliver long-term value to all our stakeholders, accomplishing our goals of driving digital innovation for a better future.

A robust and reliable network

Fast mobile internet speeds enrich the customers’ experience and enhance the level of mobile services, as well as support all business segments. Etisalat’s robust network has greatly contributed to help businesses achieve higher productivity and an efficient workforce.

Etisalat has ever since been the first in the region to take a lead and launch previous generations of the network mainly 3G, 4G and 5G. Etisalat took the lead in the launch of 5G in the MENA region, targeting opportunities to maximize value from the delivery of end-to-end 5G enabled solutions. Etisalat has continuously engaged with relevant stakeholders to deploy and monetize from the 5G network while at the same time testing and exploring new 5G use cases for the government, business and different industries. The number of 5G connections is set to grow globally to more than 1.4 billion by 2025.

Etisalat has amplified its efforts on improving the mobile network, supporting business continuity in a work-from-home environment, facilitating distance learning, and providing entertainment to families at home.

Investments in telecom infrastructure

The UAE was ranked first in the Gulf and the wider region on its telecom infrastructure, according to a United Nations (UN) e-government survey. Telecom operators in the country have allocated a huge budget for infrastructure investment, making the UAE’s infrastructure among the best in the world in terms of fiber optic services and overall network coverage, according to the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA).

Etisalat plays a major role in these investments. By being the first national telecom provider, initiator of the first rollout of commercial Internet services in the region, up to the first launch of commercial 5G in the region, Etisalat continues to focus on establishing a well-connected network that spells the difference in achieving a long-lasting digital transformation.

A dedicated modern network for Expo 2020

Etisalat has built a state-of-the-art network exclusively on the premises to meet the requirements of Expo 2020, all the participating pavilions and visitors. Millions of Expo visitors are currently enjoying a seamless, cutting-edge, immersive digital experience due to Etisalat’s modern network, which is secure and reliable with low latency covering the area of 4.38sqkm.  Etisalat deployed more than 8,500 mobile access points, over 8,000 Wi-Fi access points, 700km fiber optic connectivity, more than 800km cabling for mobile indoor and Wi-Fi network across exhibition and pavilion areas providing the highest throughput, capacity and seamless smart connectivity.

Etisalat Digital has designed solutions and services to address international participants’ specific information communication technology (ICT) needs and has been working with the Expo 2020 team to ensure that an event of such a global scale has a secure, efficient network that is up and running 24/7. The business unit is managing Expo 2020’s multi-cloud hosting infrastructure and is also providing a range of services to the 192 countries with pavilions to meet their requirements for scalability, flexibility, responsiveness and reliability. 

Smart services and solutions have been deployed across the site to facilitate site operations and security through CCTV cameras with live feeds over the 5G network to ensure visitor and workforce safety.

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