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Under the auspices of the Minister of Telecommunications, Eng. Johnny Al Corm, touch Lebanon opened its groundbreaking smart center, the first of its kind globally, to serve customers in the virtual world of the metaverse.

On the auspicious occasion, Al Corm said in his speech: “Since we assumed responsibility for the Ministry of Communications, we were aware and certain that we would work under great pressure, whether in relation to the difficult general conditions we face or in relation to the financial situation, lack of resources and unfairness in budgets compared to the importance of the sector, whether social or even economically."

He added: "Stopping in front of such difficulties was not in our dictionary, and the evidence for that is what we are present on today and what we have achieved during this short period, as the network availability rate increased from less than 80% to 99% on the entire Lebanese territory, while the average revenue for cellular subscribers increased to about $7 per month.”

“Lebanon also achieved a qualitative improvement in the speed of cellular internet on the Ookla global scale, jumping from the 85th place in December 2021 with an average speed of 20.35 megabits per second to the 73rd place in December 2022 with an average speed of 27.28 megabits per second. The average data speed available to the cellular subscriber increased from 18.4 megabits per second in June 2022 to 30.97 megabits per second at the end of 2022,” the telecom minister added.

5G live trials were completed quickly, reaching 2,000 megabits per second, which is one of the best 5G speed rates. Al Corm also shared that touch had more than one million registered subscriptions to new services in one year, in addition to the launch of the partnership and cooperation program with universities to answer customer calls and solve problems through M Contact focus.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of touch, Eng. Salem Itani, said: “A pioneering step that touch wanted to launch, in conjunction with the opening of this center, which is touchVerse, i.e., touch’s entry into the virtual world of metaverse, through its presence on the world-leading Decentraland platform in this field to become the world's first and only cellular communications company in the virtual world of metaverse through its new customer service center.”

He pointed out: "Currently, any user can visit touchVerse to be able to engage in this new technology that helps him complete any free operation related to his line, and when the special laws that allow the use of cryptocurrency in Lebanon are approved, the customer can then complete all available operations."

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