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Kuwait’s Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) and Zain Kuwait (Zain) announced the signing of a collaboration agreement that will integrate PACI’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) portal and ‘Kuwait Finder’ services with Zain’s systems. This will significantly improve the telco’s customer service efficiency across multiple levels.

Strategic Public-Private Partnership

Zain Kuwait CEO, Nawaf Hisham Al-Gharabally, expressed his excitement regarding the collaboration with PACI, calling it a successful example of a strategic partnership between the public and private sectors. He noted that PACI’s GIS data would significantly enhance Zain’s Business Intelligence systems, improving service levels for Kuwait’s largest customer base.

Zain plans to use PACI’s geographical data and detailed 3D models for network planning projects, which will improve customer experience and operational efficiency due to PACI’s comprehensive scans of all areas in Kuwait.

Al-Gharabally affirmed Zain’s commitment to leveraging strategic partnerships with major public and private sector organizations to achieve full digital transformation and enhance the company’s service offerings. The telco strives to exceed customer expectations and deliver world-class services to the biggest family of subscribers in Kuwait.

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Enhancing Services with Processed Data

PACI Acting General Manager, Mansour Al Mithin, welcomed Zain to the list of organizations benefiting from PACI’s GIS services, which are provided to over 300 government and private organizations in Kuwait. The GIS portal offers capabilities and data that can be integrated with each organization’s systems, enhancing the services they provide to their customers and users.

Al Mithin explained that PACI provides access to processed data through the GIS portal, which is compiled and updated via various projects such as spatial photography/videography, drone scanning, and other initiatives aimed at creating an advanced, highly accurate foundational map to serve Kuwait’s developmental projects and empower the nation’s business sector.

He emphasized the importance of these projects in supporting PACI’s digital transformation efforts, particularly those related to logging building addresses. This has positively impacted the ‘Kuwait Finder’ app’s data, strengthening the trust of its 2.5 million users and over 50 organizations that have integrated the app’s interface into their own platforms, which now includes Zain.

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