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Ooredoo launched its new 1Gbps Fibre plan, the fastest fibre service available in Qatar, as the company continues to upgrade its nationwide Ooredoo Supernet.

Thanks to Ooredoo launching 1Gbps Fibre, Qatar has become one of only 10 countries in the world able to provide this fastest-ever Fibre connection for homes.

With the new fibre connection, customers can download a 30 minute 4K quality movie in three minutes and a two hour HD movie in two minutes. Households can expect to see a smoother and faster experience for all users, as the speed will enable more people to enjoy being connected to the internet at the same time.

Ooredoo announced this historic achievement at a special VIP event in Doha, where Waleed Al Sayed, chief executive officer, Ooredoo Qatar, presented the incredible speeds of the service for the first time. In addition, the company premiered its all-new Platinum Homezone service, which provides comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage for large villas.

To celebrate the launch, every customer who upgrades their current Fibre plan to the new breakthrough 1Gbps plan will get two months at no extra charge, before they start to pay the standard monthly price of QR 1,900.

While only compatible devices will be able to access speeds of up to 1Gbps, customers using the 1Gbps plan will be able to deploy more devices to their full potential in their homes. Customers can check their current Fibre speeds at ooredoo.qa/portal/OoredooQatar/fibre-faq.

As well as the 1Gbps Fibre launch, Ooredoo announced the launch of the luxury 'Platinum HomeZone' - a first-of-its-kind service that offers full Wi-Fi internet coverage for customers with large villas and mansions.

By providing additional internet points for Ooredoo customers with large houses or estates, Ooredoo ensures that Wi-Fi connectivity is strong and consistent throughout the entire home, as well as across outdoor spaces. Customers can even enjoy Wi-Fi coverage in their gardens and swimming pools by deploying the service.

The Platinum HomeZone is custom-made for each house and customer's needs, and works in all settings, providing strong signals even when faced with stubborn internet conductor materials such as marble or oak.

The service has been designed in cooperation with HPE Aruba and GBM, and ensures that customers can access the Ooredoo Supernet at top speeds across their homes. HPE Aruba provides smart networking infrastructures to customers who are looking for faster reliable network performance and easier yet secure access. GBM will act as Ooredoo's service partner to ensure trouble free installation and operation.

Customers can request a preliminary survey in their property to make sure every corner and area is covered.

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