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The mobile communication industry is witnessing a surge in demand for highly integrated antennas featuring a multitude of RF ports. However, antenna design faces challenges— particularly the need for integration to support various bands like FDD 4T4R, LTE TDD/5G NR 8T8R, resulting in over 20 ports. Antenna size, a critical factor in network deployment, imposes limitations on the number of connectors in antennas. Cluster connectors, integrating multiple RF ports into a single connector, provide a solution to this challenge.

Cluster connectors, with the inclusion of several RF ports, offer compact solutions to overcome the size constraints of typical antenna end caps. They enable the implementation of over 20 ports, supporting multi-band 4T4R and 8T8R within these constraints. Given that some operators deployed products using cluster connectors for 8T8R in 2018, maturity is crucial. A mature solution ensures timely provisions to antenna suppliers and aids operators in achieving early 5G deployment targets.

Rosenberger's cluster connector series (MQ4/MQ5) is at the forefront of innovation, addressing installation time, errors, and space requirements on antenna end plates.

With a commitment to delivering the highest quality products, Rosenberger focuses on cost management, process optimization, and cutting-edge research and development. The MQ4 and MQ5 series help manage RF lines on base station antennas, keeping the antenna end plate organized, and facilitating cable routing.

As the number of port numbers on base station antennas rise, RF line management becomes challenging. The MQ4 and MQ5 series assists antenna manufacturers and field installers in organizing the antenna end plate and also assists in tracking cable routing.     

Developed to address the challenges introduced by MIMO technology, this series aims to decrease the quantity of RF connectors on the antenna panel, while providing excellent electrical performance, especially for PIM in FDD antennas.

Key Features of MQ4/MQ5 Series:

- High-density design for space savings

- Multi-coax connection for significant installation time and cost reduction

- Stable PIM and good isolation

- Corrosion resistance and waterproofing

Design Highlights:

- MQ multi-coax design integrates 4 or 5 ports within one connector for applications with an increasing number of jumper connections between RRU and antenna.

- The interface of MQ multi-coax is designed based on years of experience in low PIM connector development.


- Low PIM RF Coax Connector

- Separation of electrical contact from mechanical contact

- Protection against damage with specific structure design

- Mechanical reliability, eliminating installation errors

- Cable bend protection

- Environmental reliability, high corrosion resistance

- Sealing protection (mastic tape and electrical tape not mandatory)


- MQ jumper / Multi MIMO Antenna

Injection Molding: Utilizing the latest machinery and methods, along with special materials and components, to ensure precision and durability in tools and products. Rosenberger processes all available high-performance plastics.

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