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Netcracker Technology has received the highest ranking for its innovative products and solutions and successful record of service delivery and digital transformation projects with operators around the world.

Telco Republic’s Disrupter Quintant for Next-Generation Telecom Operations and Business Support Systems assessed vendors on a wide range of criteria, including strategy, execution and how well they can help communications service providers (CSPs) implement cutting-edge use cases and the next level of IT architecture.

Innovative Technology and Unbroken Service Delivery

Ari Banerjee, SVP of Strategy at Netcracker commented, “As we continue to successfully deploy large-scale IT transformation projects and help operators deliver the best value and experience to their customers, this recognition is a strong validation of our innovative technology and unbroken service delivery record.”

Telco Republic has positioned Netcracker as the leader, for the second time, in this assessment due to its multi-vertical, multi-domain strategy across 5G, fiber and satellite networks; support for all cloud deployments (telco cloud, public cloud and edge cloud) with scalability and end-to-end security; a mature, cloud-native BSS/OSS platform that gives operators the ability to support new digital business models and partner ecosystems; and the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

Martina Kurth, CEO and Founder of Telco Republic said, “As CSPs transition to next-generation architectures to maximize their network investments and launch and monetize advanced services with improved customer experience, Netcracker has demonstrated its ability to support large-scale transformation projects for telecom providers of any size.”

With Netcracker continuing to excel in all critical areas and working on a long-term strategy, it is anticipated to meet the needs of CSPs today and is well-positioned for future success.

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