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Egypt’s Aswan governorate will receive a number of projects, including the construction of 81 mobile towers to support the communications service, and the connection of fiber-optic cables to 110,000 homes, in addition to developing 44 post offices.

The signing of two cooperation protocols and a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to build digital capacities, support entrepreneurship and develop the information infrastructure in villages of Aswan under the “Decent Life” initiative was witnessed by the minister of communications and information technology Amr Talaat and governor of Aswan Ashraf Attia.

The Minister of Communications visited Aswan to inaugurate and inspect a number of communications, information technology, and postal projects in the governorate. Talaat said that the Ministry is providing technical support for the implementation of a project in Aswan governorate to launch more than 80 services through mobile applications for the citizens of the governorate.

He reviewed the activities of the ministry in the first phase of the initiative in the Republic, which includes the delivery of fiber-optic cables to one million homes in the villages, and developing 900 post offices at the end of the year, as well as installing ATMs, and 1,000 mobile towers to strengthen communication and Internet services.

Both officials also witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol to implement the activities of the ministry in the villages located in Edfu, Nasr Al Nuba, and Kom Ombo areas. The ministry aims to implement the establishment of terrestrial communications networks using the latest optical fiber technologies, provide advanced and comprehensive postal services, establish high quality infrastructure for mobile communications services and provide training programs for capacity building and digital literacy.

A MoU was also signed between the Ministry and Aswan Governorate with the aim of developing the capabilities of citizens, especially young people in the governorate, using information and communication technology.

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