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Etisalat and Orange have come together to establish an IPX peering point at Etisalat’s SmartHub point of presence (PoP) in UAE, improving its international wholesale arm’s reach across partners in the region and meeting the increasing demand for 4G and 5G  connectivity.

Etisalat SmartHub/IPX peering platform is neutral for mobile carriers to enhance the customer experience for roaming customers, and will help address the IoT roaming business where lower latency is essential.

As part of the Etisalat SmartHub, Orange’s international wholesale arm will have a presence in the Middle East to support its global infrastructure, interconnections, capacity and expand its reach into the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. The IPX peering agreement will enable the company to further support the global telecom infrastructure requirement of its existing customers as well as tap new markets with its specialized telecom services and solutions.

Ali Amiri, group chief carrier and wholesale officer, Etisalat, said, “We are delighted to have Orange as an IPX peering partner at Etisalat’s SmartHub. Our SmartHub stands out as an innovative regional exchange, capacity, and mobility platform to drive future growth. Over the years, the hub has successfully proved its capability in providing consistency and best-in-class connectivity in the region.

“We, at Etisalat, are committed to deliver the highest quality and innovative international services. The continuous flow of partnerships with Orange will signify Etisalat’s position as a central hub of regional IPX connectivity in the telecom market. Orange’s decision to establish peering with Etisalat will enable them to cater to global 4G and 5G connectivity requirements of their end customer and also extend their core infrastructure in the Middle East,” Amiri added.

SmartHub IPX Exchange connects mobile carriers seamlessly and is the fourth interconnection point for mobile carriers globally just after Amsterdam, Ashburn, and Singapore; bridging the gap between Singapore-Amsterdam and adding quality and diversity to mobile carriers and operators.

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