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Nigerian telecoms firm and leading data center provider MainOne has announced plans to expand its data center footprint across West Africa, intending to double its storage capacity through its MDXi data center subsidiary.

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Cable breaks or faults on subsea optical cables can impact global digital connectivity and have costly ramifications for businesses and internet users. Three such incidents impacted users on the African continent in 2020 alone. Each year more than a hundred cable breaks are recorded across the world causing disruptions to communications and connectivity.

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Etisalat has added a third facility in its SmartHub data centers portfolio with the opening of state-of-art Tier 3 data centre facility in Kalba, which has been selected to be the landing for Africa-1, a new subsea telecom system connecting Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

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Nokia and Proximus turned on the world’s fastest fiber access network at a media event in Antwerp attended by the Belgian Minister of Telecommunications, the Mayor of Antwerp and executives and engineers from the two companies.

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As 5G rollouts continue, investment in fiber optic deployment continues to be a priority as the foundation for 5G wireless networks. However, the FTTH Council Europe and IDATE’s latest FTTH market panorama study over the 12 months until September 2020 has noted that almost 60% of homes in the EU27+UK region are yet to be passed with fiber infrastructure.

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Leading international communications enabler BICS announces it is introducing voice APIs to its portfolio of programmable communications solutions, enabling enterprises to significantly improve their customer experience. This new feature allows companies to easily customize communications services to suit their individual requirements, giving them greater flexibility to scale and optimize their business.

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