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According to Bahrain’s Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), the country made achievements in the Operations and Governance sector in 2022, in line with the aspirations of its national goals and strategies.

Regarding the government sector’s cloud infrastructure, iGA Chief Executive Mohammed Al-Qaed noted that about 85% of government data has been transferred to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform as part of its extensive data backup system.

In terms of IT governance, Al-Qaed stated that in 2022, iGA reviewed around 3,714 government requests through the National Committee for ICT Governance, with a completion rate of 3.7 days per request.

A 24% cost reduction rate has also been achieved through the government’s IT purchase optimization, which involved BHD 22 million worth of purchases to more than 50 government entities last year.

Moreover, Bahrain’s Operations and Governance sector made efforts to activate digital policies by developing IT policies and standards as well as signing agreements with Batelco, Amazon and Cisco.

On the business continuity side, Al-Qaed confirmed that the Operations and Governance sector has been able to provide more than 80 monitoring systems and over 650 enhanced devices for monitoring the government network around the clock.

As a result of this, more than 2,263 technical issues have been addressed and resolved, with an improved performance of 25% within monitoring systems.

By enhancing the connectivity to the Government Data Network (GDN), more than 300 websites have been connected, while the speed of the Internet has also been raised. An update of the domain (.gov.bh) system framework was also completed, as was the linking of government data centers with Cisco to improve the speed of hosting systems. This is in addition to the GCC network being linked to systems in the UAE and Kuwait through the Zajel network.

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