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As shared by BlueJeans Network’s Director of Customer Marketing, Sharni Medina, one of their platform’s use cases has addressed Verizon’s need for a scalable, enterprise-grade platform to seamlessly connect online customers over a secure video call with a store representative.

Powered by BlueJeans Meetings, the simple-to-use Video Assist has been introduced across 1,500 Verizon stores.

“What I see is: a customer goes on an Android device to make a video call to a sales specialist who’s using an iPad inside a retail store,” says Ryan Tucker, Verizon’s vice president of consumer sales, South Central Region. “All of that works on BlueJeans. The previous platform we used didn’t work all the time.”

Verizon leveraged BlueJeans’ iOS and web software development kits to build the video experience directly within the specialist’s mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution as well as the customer’s browser on verizon.com.

The ability to access Verizon’s mPOS directly from the platform is a “complete game changer,” said Jarrett Dawson, Verizon’s director of consumer sales and operations.

Retail customers benefit from Video Assist’s outstanding audio quality as well as an option to flip the camera perspective, enabling store specialists to show products or features in real time.

When Verizon store specialists are not serving a customer in person, they can use an iPad to sign on to the platform and help online customers.

“With Video Assist, a specialist can walk around the store and show the customer the phone. They can handle the payment. They can enter the customer’s information and then arrange to ship it to their house. Or they can organize for the customer to pick it up from the store that’s around the corner,” added Tucker.

Customers’ feedback on their retail-like experience using Video Assist has been positive, while Verizon employees have also boosted their productivity and sales targets. This use case has invaluably built the Verizon brand and instilled confidence in the BlueJeans product.

Ken Lain, Verizon’s VP of sales and service operations, agreed that there’s an “additional level of trust that comes from a live video interaction versus a chat session or email.”

In terms of leads, video calls achieve a 45% higher conversion rate on day one when compared to traditional calls.

Tucker adds that over a 30-day period, almost half of customers who transact via video calls convert those transactions. “I think that’s a big deal. We don’t have another product in the portfolio that converts at almost 50%.”

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