Twitter has undergone massive institutional changes in 2022, and these changes have constantly earned mixed reactions from Twitter’s audience. Just days before the new year hits, the social media platform has rolled out its new feature showing view counts of tweets.

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The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) announced that every company or establishment registered in the UAE has automatically become part of the Kashif initiative, which means showing the name and number of the calling party to the call recipient. This enables the call recipient to recognize the calling party and allows them to decide whether or not to respond. TDRA has launched this initiative gradually, starting from mid-2021, in cooperation with the service providers, as part of enhancing customer satisfaction and happiness with telecommunications services in the UAE, and it is expected to have an impact in the future by reducing unwanted calls.

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In this new era of smart transportation, customers demand new capabilities in their vehicles, and cellular vehicle-to-everything, or simply C-V2X, will be a crucial enabler. These capacities include integrating mobility-enhanced, autonomous-driving and other personalization and safety features.

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Uncertainty surrounds the business world landscape, making the concept of “enterprise risk management” (ERM) more critical and valuable. With businesses becoming increasingly interconnected with partners, vendors and suppliers across global markets, risks across categories can have a ripple effect.

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The 16th edition of the prestigious Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit in the UAE recognized Vodafone Oman for its successful greenfield digital operations, sustainability ambitions and cutting-edge technology, with three expert voices from the company participating in high-level panel discussions.

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Advances in technology have brought about countless changes in the way we interact with the world. In the communication industry, social media has become a ubiquitous platform for sharing everything from dissent to the coolest gigs in town. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming industries and manufacturing like never before. However, on the flip side, advanced technologies such as AI are being manipulated by perpetrators to create hyper-realistic images and voices of people that could easily convince the unaware audience to react to their intended provocations; spotting such videos/audios is becoming extremely hard as the world of the deep fakes gets murkier.

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