The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) participated in the 16th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit as a Diamond Sponsor of the event. The summit brought together major prominent leaders of the telecommunications sector, CEOs in the fields of digital transformation and emerging technologies, digital solution providers, owners of IT companies, and broadcasting and digital media companies.

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This instructive panel focused on several keys: the definition of sustainability in telecoms and ICT; the difference between sustainability and a green environment; the importance of incorporating sustainability in telcos’ strategies; how 5G impacts sustainability; how green tech leads to sustainability; and green tech’s efficiency for improved network performance.

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Saleem Alblooshi, CTO, du, delivered a keynote address to the audience at Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit 2022, tackling typical areas of focus for a telco CTO like quality, efficiency, effective ways of working and securing connectivity, customers and society, and mostly the progress the company has made toward digital transformation.

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During the first day of the 16th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, one of the distinguished keynote speakers that graced the stage was Andrew Feinberg, founder, chairman and CEO of Netcracker Technology and BostonGene.

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EY Global Partner Fuad Siddiqui delivered his keynote entitled “Future G: The Dawn of Pervasive Intelligence,” during the first day of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit’s 16th edition.

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