In an increasingly digital world, government CX leaders face the challenge of transforming citizen experience (CX) to meet evolving expectations. As governments aim to provide zero bureaucracy services characterized by efficiency, reliability, and personalization, GenAI emerges as a powerful tool.

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Telecom Review Group's Founder and CEO, Toni Eid, engaged in a fireside chat with Masayuki Kayahara, General Manager of the Service Provider Solutions Department at NEC headquarters in Japan.

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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Atul Purohit, Head of Technology, Cloud & Network Services, EMEA, delved into the intricacies of how APIs function within the framework of network monetization for operators, offering a comprehensive understanding of their operational dynamics and strategic significance. By elucidating the inner workings of APIs, Purohit provided valuable insights into how operators can leverage these tools to extract maximum value from their network assets.

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Satellite and Broadcasting
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Netcracker Technology has announced the launch of its Digital Satellite Solution, a blueprint for multi-orbit IT that radically transforms how satellite operators manage, optimize and monetize their business.

 Utilizing this new solution, operators can guarantee the best service quality at any time, deliver a premium digital engagement to their customers and expand their business with any offer to any customer worldwide.

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Addressing Advanced Satellite Challenges

Recent advancements in low Earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary (GEO) satellites, including direct-to-device (D2D) technology, present new opportunities to offer advanced and affordable communications to remote locations, close mobile coverage gaps and equip diverse vertical industries with mission-critical communications.

However, advanced satellite services create significant challenges. The business and operational environments were not designed for highly dynamic operations across space and Earth, deep integration with telco 4G/5G and fixed networks or a complex global customer base with digitization at the center.

The ground-breaking Netcracker Digital Satellite Solution addresses these specific needs, building on Netcracker’s leadership in telco BSS/OSS digital transformation and extensive satellite experience powering advanced LEO and GEO satellite networks.

Recent developments in satellite technology are changing the telecom landscape by providing advanced communications, including in the air, at sea, and in vast parts of the planet not currently covered by 5G or fiber,” noted Andy Hicks, Senior Principal Analyst at GlobalData. “Netcracker Digital Satellite Solution is designed to address the significant complexities of these highly dynamic and multi-domain services through an innovative IT environment for multi-orbit satellites that will help operators deliver the best service to their customers.”

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Netcracker Digital Satellite Solution

The Netcracker Digital Satellite Solution is built on a cloud-native foundation, facilitating cloud scale and agility, and is deeply embedded with AI to maximize service quality and optimize costs. Advanced security practices are built into all parts of the solution to protect sensitive customer data and prevent unauthorized access. Integral to the solution is a robust API Management Platform that supports MEF LSO and TM Forum Open APIs which simplify ecosystem integration across all domains and facilitate automated NaaS engagements with business and wholesale customers.

The solution also incorporates a leading edge operations environment with real-time service inventory and topology, multi-domain service orchestration, dynamic SLA management and state-of-the-art AI-Assurance to guarantee optimal service quality across space and terrestrial networks at all times. The sophisticated Digital BSS environment provides advanced CPQ, omnichannel digital engagement with self-service, a unified product catalog, flexible charging and billing schemes and advanced partner management to accommodate any type of customer or partner across the globe.

“We have been working very closely with our satellite operator customers for some time and have listened to their challenges and goals around delivering premium services with guaranteed SLAs along with the best customer experience,” said Bob Titus, CTO at Netcracker. “Our solution enables satellite providers to rapidly bring new offers to market and transforms how they engage with their customers and partners while delivering the best service quality.”

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